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Benchmarking Program Pemimpin Cabang Angkatan ke-193 ke DHgate & Lufax - Beijing & Shanghai

Benchmarking Program Pemimpin Cabang Angkatan ke-193 ke DHgate & Lufax - Beijing & Shanghai

The International Benchmarking Visit is intended to provide a thorough comparative study and learning experience directly from the visited banks, companies and institutions. By integrating theory and concepts as well as experience gained during the learning process in class and from the benchmarking program, participants are expected to gain more values. They are expected to compare the results of bank's business with business values that have been implemented in the visited banks, companies and institutions.

The benchmarking visit can enrich their vision on recent global issues in banking industry. Topics in the program generally are related to Digital Banking, Financial Technology, Risk Management, Good Corporate Governance and Strategic Management as well as those related to the operational process and strategies of the institution to breach the present and future challenges, which can gain insight for the participants as the best practice model.

The topic of this benchmarking visit is “Innovation in Digital Banking” and ”E-Commerce Marketing Strategies”. It is our expectation that participants will have the opportunity to learn from banks and institutions in China on the strategic direction with regard to the newest digital banking innovations that radically transform people’s daily life. As the digital banking innovation increases, no financial institution wants to be the least to know the latest update. The development in digital banking have been growing rapidly, thus breaching the challenges and preparing strategy on the next innovation in digital banking will be irresistible to share.

The delegation of LPPI Branch Manager Class of 193 visited Shanghai Pudong Development Bank (SPDB), top e-commerce in China like DHgate and Lufax, and to gain new perspectives on bilateral relationship between Indonesia and China, the delegates had a courtessy call with Ambassador Djauhari Oratmangun in KBRI Beijing.