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Corporate Leadership Training for Executives of PT Taspen
Thursday, August 11, 2016 | Admin

PT Taspen held Corporate Leadership Training (CLT) for its executives for six days on August 3–9, 2016, in the LPPI.

This training is aimed at preparing PT Taspen’s management to be able to manage changes as a result of increasingly dynamic globalization, transparency, application of management, and competition pressures. By completing this program, the participants are expected to be able to manage external and internal factors to be an opportunity and realize it in creating a long-term profitability.

During the program the participants studied Indonesian and global economic developments, industrial policy and regulations (Financial Services Authority), asset-liability management, enterprise risk management, leadership, and human capital management. At the end of the program the participants were required to present papers containing ideas and concepts concerning PT Taspen’s business and operational strategies that are applicable and have value added for the company. The paper presentation was tested by a team of the LPPI and PT Taspen.

It is worth to note that this CLT for Executives of PT Taspen has been held for two groups. The first group was held at the end of last year. (adm/ga)



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