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Credit Certification - Level I: Bank Credit Officer of Bank BJB
Thursday, August 18, 2016 | Admin

Standardization of knowledge of bank credit is the way to obtain qualification of reliable bankers in credit. This drove 24 bankers of Bank BJB to take the preparation of credit certification - level I at Grand Royal Panghegar hotel, Bandung.

For two days, August 13 - 14, the participants were supported with subject matters relating to credit, namely credit organization, credit culture, credit product, credit risk, credit process, credit rate, credit laws, credit marketing, and sharia financing.

In addition to the credit certification, the subject matters may be applied in daily work relating with credit. It is expected that the standardization of credit extension will result a sound and good quality credit.

This program is offered by the LPPI to its partners to prepare bankers to take the credit certification held by Banking Profession Certification Board (LSPP). The topics in this training have been adjusted to the matters to be tested in the credit certification test of level 1. (adm/ga) 


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