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Referring to Bank Indonesia Regulation No. 1/6/PBI/1999 dated September 20,...
Training on Fundamentals of Audit and IT Audit of Bank Sinarmas
Tuesday, August 16, 2016 | Admin

Referring to Bank Indonesia Regulation No. 1/6/PBI/1999 dated September 20, 1999, commercial banks are required to apply bank internal audit function implementation standard (SPFAIB). This is the minimum standard used as a reference in implementing internal audit function and as criteria to evaluate and settle the effectiveness of internal audit. Considering that the whole process of banking extremely needs information technology contribution and information accuracy in decision making is important, information technology audit also plays an important role in ensuring that risks related to information technology has been managed well.

Bank Sinarmas really realizes the importance of auditors to do their duty and function well in accordance with Bank Indonesia Regulation. In order to fulfill the need, Bank Sinarmas in cooperation with the LPPI held a training on fundamentals of audit and information technology audit in Bank Sinarmas Learning Center, Jakarta, last August 8-13. This training was attended by 34 participants, all of whom originating from Bank Sinarmas. By completing this training, Bank Sinarmas internal auditors are expected to be able to assist bank executives to maintain bank assets, assure availability of reliable financial and managerial reporting, improve bank’s compliance with applicable provisions and laws, and minimize loss risk, violation, and prudence infraction.

This training on fundamentals audit studied audit principles, internal controlling system, risk based audit planning, evidence collection and audit reporting techniques, professional judgment and legal aspect in audit, bank product audit, communication principles in audit, and information technology audit. (adm/ga)   



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