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RI Independence Day Commemoration
Friday, August 19, 2016 | Admin

In his speech in the Indonesian Independence Day commemoration ceremony last August 17, 2016, the President Director of LPPI, Hartadi A. Sarwono, mentioned some important points.

Firstly, an appeal to fill the independence by accelerating development toward an independent Indonesia that is just, wealthy, and prosperous. This is in line with the government’s national theme, namely “Indonesia: Actual Work”.

Secondly, challenges for future development will not be increasingly easier. The high world economic dynamics may increase risks that bring impacts on the national economy. In the meantime, domestically, there are still unsettled structural problems, such as infrastructure improvements and limited fiscal room to support high economic activities.

Thirdly, as an institute aimed at improving banks’ and other financial services’ human resource’s competence and integrity through training programs, researches, and consultations the LPPI carries out strategic role to educate, train, and develop human resources needed by the financial industry. Based on this basic objective of LPPI establishment, Hartadi re-urged all components inside the LPPI to continue to carry out the distinguished objective that is in line with the independence day commemoration’s theme. 

Moreover, the actual work is also translated that the LPPI may not work just “business as usual” anymore presently but needs to continue to prepare, arrange, and support itself to develop its core excellence. In effort to make the LPPI an effective organization, with human resource that have strategic values to be able to adapt to time changes and developments, Hartadi appealed all LPPI ranks either structural or faculty to harmonize the organization and human resource to improve the service excelllence character and realize the LPPI as the center of leadership and ethics. 


This RI Independence Day commemoration ceremony was held on Wednesday, August 17, 2016, at the West Parking Lot of the Bumi LPPI campus. It was attended by all LPPI employees, Economic Institute - Indonesia Banking School (STIE IBS), and invited guests. (adm/ga)

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