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Filling In Independence with Hard Work to Realize Organization’s Vision and Mission

Assalaamu’alaykum wr. wb., Peace be with all of us.

First of all, let us praise God Almighty for His blessings and guidance to all of us so that we may commemorate Indonesia’s 70th Independence Anniversary this day, August 17, 2015.

To commemorate the independence anniversary of this year I would like to ask all elements related to the LPPI to elucidate this country’s founders’ and fighters’ expectation to us, the successor generation, to be able to fill in the independence that has been fully fought for. As contained in the preamble of the 1945 constitution: “ … the struggle of the Indonesian independence has reached the blissful point of leading the Indonesian people safely and well to the front of the monumental gate of the State of the Republic of Indonesia’s independence … “.

On this day, on the Indonesia’s 70th independence anniversary which takes no more long time would reach one century to be an independent country, we all need to increase our spirit to fill in the independence by working through our respective institution. In this way, we can continue our predecessors’ struggle who have led us to the front of the monumental gate of the State of the Republic of Indonesia’s independence, which shall be free, united, sovereign, just, and prosperous.

The theme of the Indonesia’s 70th independence anniversary of 2015 especially for the LPPI is: “To Realize LPPI’s Mission and Vision with High Spirit and Hard Work to Fill In the Republic of Indonesia’s Independence”. I suppose this theme has been in tune with the Independent Indonesian National Movement activities which ask us, all successor generation, not only to stop at the level of slogan but to make hard efforts  to realize them to be real movements that are able to motivate the nation and country to realize the Independent Indonesian dream. So, the Indonesian people have to be able to change the nation’s mentality which is in colonization, suppression, injustice, and to build a new mentality as a free nation physically and mentally. This is the fundamental importance of the “Mental Revolution” announced by the Jokowi-JK government. This Mental Revolution becomes the foundation for us in realizing various strategies to be real activity and movement steps in submitting LPPI’s mission and vision.



As we all know, in his state speech on the Indonesia’s 70th Independence Anniversary Commemoration before the joint session of the House of Regional Representatives and the Parliament of the Republic of Indonesia last August 14, 2015, President Joko Widodo stressed the importance of unity as the main key in dealing with various nation’s and country’s problems. Amid the difficult economic condition as nowadays, either as the result of the dynamics of global economic change or various domestic economic structural problems that have not been resolved, “unity” is needed in applying various well coordinated strategies so that it might result optimal policy synergy.

For us in the LPPI, in elucidating and filling in this independence we need to close ranks uniting our steps to improve our institution’s share and responsibility in developing human resources in financial industry, especially banks. Through education and training, consultation and assessment, and research programs that support banking development program, all LPPI human resources will continue to make efforts to increase productivity and efficiency, either personally or together to realize the developed and prosperous LPPI. Moreover, something no less important is that we need to continue to make efforts to improve integrity, trustworthy, mutual respect, together professionally build LPPI’s reputation as a financial industry education and development institute. As an “educator” we have to be able to be exemplar for the run of governance and ethics.

I ask all elements related to the LPPI to rise sense of belonging to this institution so that we can work together to realize LPPI’s mission and vision that are useful for Indonesian nation’s and country’s progress.

Finally, praising and praying to Almighty God let us say “Long Live the Republic of Indonesia”, may Allah SWT bless all of us. Amen.

Thank You.

Wassalamu’alaykum wr. wb.,


Hartadi A. Sarwono
 President Director