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Sunday, January 1, 2017
The Indonesian Banking Development Institute (LPPI), in accordance with its...
Friday, August 19, 2016
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Along with the training on fundamentals of audit and information...
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Standardization of knowledge of bank credit is the way to...
Tuesday, August 16, 2016
In five days, August 8 – 12, the LPPI held...
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About LPPI
1.  What is LPPI?

LPPI is the Indonesian Banking Development Institute (IBDI) which has a vision to become a trustworthy, prestigious and internationally acknowledged banking development institute.

2.   What does LPPI deliver?

LPPI strives to improve the quality of Banking Human Resources and public knowledge of banking through products and services of education, training, and banking development in the form of educational programs, training programs, consulting and assessment services, research services, e-learning, banking simulations, workshops and seminars as well as the campus facility services.

LPPI Location
1.  Where is LPPI?

LPPI is located at Jalan Kemang Raya No. 35 Kebayoran Baru, Jakarta 12730.
Click here to view LPPI in Google Maps.

2.  How do you get to the LPPI Campus?
  • From Soekarno Hatta International Airport

To reach the LPPI Campus from Soekarno - Hatta International Airport, it is advised to use the Damri Bus airport transportation service heading toward Blok M. Upon arrival at Blok M, proceed to Kopaja public transport Route 605A from Blok M to Ragunan.

  • From Gambir Train Station

To reach the LPPI Campus from Gambir Train Station, it is advised to use public transportation heading toward Blok M. Upon arrival at Blok M, proceed to Kopaja public transport route 605A from Blok M to Ragunan.

  • From Kampung Rambutan Bus Terminal

To reach the LPPI Campus from Kampung Rambutan Bus Terminal, it is advised to use the Kopaja public transport Route 605 from Kampung Rambutan to Blok M and get off at the 3-way junction (T intersection) at Kober. The distance from the Kober junction to the LPPI Campus is about 300 meters. It is advised to ride a bajaj (three-wheeled motorized rickshaws) or ojek (motorcycle taxis) that frequently pass along the street.

3.   Which public transportations pass through the front entrance of the LPPI Campus and what are its routes?

Only the Kopaja public transport 605A passes through the front entrance of the LPPI Campus. Alternatively, public transport vehicles such as taxis, bajaj (three-wheeled motorized rickshaws) or ojek (motorcycle taxis) will also take you to the LPPI campus.

LPPI Programs
1.   What programs are offered by LPPI?

LPPI has education and training programs consisting of regular education and training programs, in-house training with a tailor made curriculum, e-learning, Islamic / sharia banking academy, micro banking academy, workshops, seminars, consulting services, assessment center and research. General or specific programs offered by LPPI can be viewed at the homepage of the Website or Portal of LPPI.

2.  Are LPPI training programs offered to individuals (without going through the HR department of a bank)?

Yes. LPPI trainings are open and can be pursued by anyone who wishes to improve their individual qualities.

3.  Are LPPI training programs available to Non-Bank Financial Institutions (NBFI)?

Yes. LPPI does not withhold the opportunity for institutions of non-banks to participate in all programs offered by LPPI, provided the prospective program participant follows the existing terms and conditions.

4.  What are the terms and conditions?

Fill out the registration form / sheet and settle the payment obligations.

5.  Why is the cost of tuition in LPPI more expensive than other providers?

LPPI is an institution that has more than 50 years of experience in the National Banking Industry, where the quality of LPPI is always monitored by Bank Indonesia. In addition, the quality of LPPI education and training is supported by adequate infrastructure and facilities at the LPPI Campus supported by the latest information technology.

6.  What is the minimum number of participants required to open a regular training program?

The implementation of regular training program are inherently flexible, especially new training programs that have not yet been run. Generally, regular training programs can be run with a minimum of 10 participants.

7.   If a participant enrolls in an LPPI training program, what facilities will be made available to them?

The facilities provided to participants that enroll in a training program are:      

a.    Training kit (Bag, Notepad & Stationery)
b.    Training Materials (Modules & Training materials)
c.    Training Certificate
d.    Lunch and Coffee Break 2 times
e.    Free Wifi

The additional facilities available to participants staying at the LPPI Lodging are:

a.    3 Star Hotel Equivalent Rooms
b.    Laundry
c.    Breakfast & Dinner
d.    Fitness Center & Sauna

8.  What are the benefits of studying at LPPI?

-      Gain the latest knowledge on the world of banking
-      Enjoy an accommodation facility that is integrated within the LPPI campus environment
-      Become LPPI resident students incorporated in the alumni community. 

LPPI Library
1.  Is the LPPI library open to the public?

The LPPI library is open for public use. It is provided as an educational supporting facility related to the banking world. For more on the LPPI library, please click here.

2.  How many collections are available at the LPPI Library?

The Library has a collection of more than 10,000 titles including the following topics: management, banking, economics and finance, and accounting. In addition, the library also has a collection of clippings from various print media covering the topics of economy, finance and banking.

3.  What are the hours of operations of the LPPI Library?

Monday – Friday  : 07:30 – 21:00 WIB
Saturday – Sunday      : Closed
(including national holidays)

Scheduled Breaks:
-     12:00 – 13:00 WIB (Monday – Thursday)
-     12.00 – 13.30 WIB (Friday)

LPPI Facilities
1.  What types of facilities are available at LPPI?

-     Educational Facilities
-     Lodging Facilities
-     Sports Facilities
-     Eatery Facilities
-     Other Facilities

2.  What are the advantages of using the facilities at LPPI?

The advantage of using LPPI facilities other than its reasonable price, is a comfortable and beautiful environment, ample parking space as well as properly maintained security and cleanliness.

3.  What are the advantages for participants that board at LPPI Lodging?

Participants may use all facilities owned by LPPI. In addition, participants can save time to reach their respective classrooms because of the close proximities between all facilities in LPPI.

4.  Does LPPI provide an eatery for program participants?

Yes. LPPI has a Cafeteria which consists of three rooms, such as: the executive lounge, indoor area and outdoor area. The Cafeteria is able to accommodate 300-400 people. In addition, there is a mini market and canteen in the LPPI campus to support the culinary needs of the program participants.

5.  Are there existing health standards for LPPI food services?

The LPPI Cafeteria has been awarded the Certificate for Food Catering Sanitation License issued by the South Jakarta Administration Health Department on August 4, 2010.

6.  What about the security at LPPI?

Security at LPPI consists of hard working and professional security personnel that work the full 24 hours daily.

7.  Are LPPI facilities available for public use?

Yes. The public may use LPPI facilities after fulfilling the existing terms and conditions.

Stabilitas Perbankan Magazine
1.  Is Stabilitas Perbankan Magazine published by LPPI?

Yes. Stabilitas Perbankan Magazine is published by LPPI.

2.   If I wish to subscribe, who should I contact?

To subscribe, you can contact the distribution/circulation team of Stabilitas Perbankan Magazine by phone at (021) 7182860 or (021) 7182760.

3.   When is Stabilitas Perbankan Magazine normally published?

The Stabilitas Perbankan Magazine is a monthly magazine. At the beginning of each month or at the first week of each month, Stabilitas Perbankan Magazine is already sold on the market, such as at Gramedia bookstore or at Carrefour and Giant supermarket.