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ELN201 - BPR Management


This BPR Management program is a rural bank (BPR) management E-learning program. It is designed to improve BPR leaders’ and/or prospective leaders’ competence and skills in effective and efficient bank operational management in order to be able to create sound and developed BPRs.


The participants are expected to gain managerial capability in managing BPR more professionally through the knowledge gained from this training program.


This training’s subject matters are presented in modules of learning activities, including Indonesian bankers code of ethics, BPR role and function, BPR accounting system, savings and time deposit, bank fund management, credit management, legal aspects, internal supervision system, and marketing management.


This program is held as a long-distance learning program (PBJJ) by providing learning packages including self-instructional modules. Self-learning is the main learning activity and group learning is the other learning activity in suggestion.

To be able to learn effectively and efficiently, the participants will be assisted by a facilitator in charge, among other things, to provide learning facilities in each place. The knowledge and capability mastery will be assessed by examinations as scheduled.


The suggested participants include BPR leaders or directors, BPR commissioners, and officials or bankers willing to improve their competence in BPR management and operations.


The facilitators are senior bankers within related area who are experienced in BPR management.


This training program is held in 6 (six) months.

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