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This SESPIBANK® program is the highest level of banking professional education. The aim of this program is to improve Indonesian professional bankers’ managerial and leadership competences. This strategic, systematic, integrative, and focused program is one of the requirements to hold top position in banks.


This course will enable participants to prepare, determine, and select right strategic directions through understanding of theories, concepts, and best practices needed to become the top management.


The subject matters to be discussed in this course include strategic environment, strategic core business, strategic risk management, strategic marketing, strategic leadership, strategic information technology, and strategic management, accompanied by selected chapters concerning recent developments.


This program is held by class instruction using a combination of lectures, case studies, discussions, and professional paper writing. Moreover, the participants will also make a benchmarking in bank and/or non-bank institution either domestically or overseas.


The suggested participants of this course include senior managers who are prepared to hold strategic positions and projected to be the top management.

Priorities will be provided for those who have taken the Branch Manager training program or of the same level.


The facilitators include senior bankers and government officials who master the subjects.


This program is held intensively in 40 days.

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