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Profile of Koperasi Karya Usaha Mandiri (KopKUM)


Karya Usaha Mandiri (KUM) is the first repetition of Grameen Bank pattern in Indonesia in 1989 in Bogor.

The name of 'Karya Usaha Mandiri’ (self-reliance business work) contains the meaning of expectation on an outcome from a work in various business areas/forms to be able to achieve self-reliance for anyone joining in this activity.

Self-reliance is something to achieve. So, the application of financing scheme for poor people is provided particularly for women whose inside problem is full of self-reliance.

On April 18, 2001 this became YPKUM, registered in the District Clerk of the Court Office of Bogor Regency, May 23, 2002, number 103/AN.YYS/2002 Amendment to Statutes (Supplement to the State Gazette of the Republic of Indonesia number 46 dated June 8, 2004).

-  April 24, 2008 articles of cooperative incorporation number 57, Notary Mrs. Ika Rini Hastuti Basuki, contains Cooperative Statutes

-  May 6, 2008 legalization of Cooperative and Medium Small Business Office, with number 18/161/BH/KPTS/KKUKM/2008.

Through this Karya Usaha Mandiri Cooperative it is expected that financial service products for informal micro business may be developed as the form of participation in accelerating poverty and unemployment problem solution in Indonesia.

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