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Consultation on micro finance in aimed at establishing a micro finance/financing consultation center. The consultation services extended are:

  1. Setting up of micro finance organization/unit
  2. Preparation of appropriate financing scheme
  3. Preparation of SOP
  4. Assistance/support
  5. Evaluation and development

Basically, the consultation services are technical assistance with extremely wide and varied scope of work as needed by clients. Many LKM in our country are still under performed, fail to be sustainable, grow slowly, record high NPL, less successful in office network extension, and short in capital; becoming some examples of consultation subjects which may be handled by the PKPKM.

Study on establishment and operation assistance/support of new LKM to serve rural areas or customers who have not been yet reached is another example of the consultation service.  

The consultation result is expected to improve management system together with its implementation in certain area becoming the diagnose object and leading up to improvement of LKM business performance. The advantages of establishment of successful new LKM may be varied from opening of new work opportunity, financial inclusion improvement, decrease in number of poor people, and up to the return of investors’ capital.

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