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Micro Finance

About Us

Micro Finance Study and Development Center (PKM) aims to provide information and services for any party wishing to develop micro financing either domestically or overseas.


To become a trustworthy institution in empowering families and/or micro businesses to come out from the poverty line through micro finance development.


  1. To disseminate successful practices and knowledge of micro finance in order to support micro finance institution sustainable stability and growth.
  2. To disseminate banking management knowledge to the poor in purpose of support to poverty alleviation program.
  3. To disseminate financial inclusion knowledge in purpose of support to finance service improvement program for poor people.

Scope of PKM Activities:

  1. Study/research on micro finance to elicit various micro finance practices.
  2. Training on micro finance to develop curriculum and subject matters related to micro finance financing training for practitioners/prospective practitioners.
  3. Consultation on micro finance to establish micro finance financing consultation center.
  4. Micro financing/finance model development as a reference, learning means, and comparative study for parties in needs either domestically or internationally.