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Sunday, January 1, 2017
The Indonesian Banking Development Institute (LPPI), in accordance with its...
Friday, August 19, 2016
In his speech in the Indonesian Independence Day commemoration ceremony...
Wednesday, August 31, 2016
Along with the training on fundamentals of audit and information...
Friday, August 26, 2016
In two days, August 23 – 24, 2016, the Risk...
Thursday, August 18, 2016
Standardization of knowledge of bank credit is the way to...
Tuesday, August 16, 2016
In five days, August 8 – 12, the LPPI held...
LPPI Award - The Best Training Participation for Bank Institution

"We, Bank BJB, would like to express our thanks for this Award. Our cooperation has been increasingly favorable so far because we feel that after attending activities or training in the LPPI our human resources’ performance is increasingly improved, their outlook is increasingly broader, and their knowledge is increasingly deeper; this encourages us to be more self-confident in facing increasingly tough business competition. I hope, in the coming years the LPPI would be one of the foundations for us in the banking in responding to the globalization. 

Our message, the LPPI has to be one of the pioneers that continues to create education and trainings for banks and non-bank financial services, in particular in the preparation for the AEC 2015. The LPPI has to be able to catch, identify, deal with, and provide right services for bank and other financial service human resources. Happy Anniversary LPPI." (Feddy Febriansyah, Branch Manager of Bank BJB, Hasyim Ashari Branch Office - Representing LPPI Award receivers as The Best Training Participation for Bank Institution)

LPPI 54th Anniversary

"The LPPI, either its programs or physical building, has been far developing so far. We, the YPPI, continually support what LPPI’s work programs are. Future challenges are increasingly serious. Therefore, LPPI human resources have to be strengthened by their performance, program acceleration, and GCG as well, besides concerning their preparedness for the AEC 2015. My message in the occasion of this 54th anniversary is that the LPPI has to be increasingly mature because the challenges are increasingly serious. The LPPI has to be able to create products that are able to meet the needs of nonbank financial institutions besides those existing, namely banks. The YPPI as the LPPI’s patron will continue to back up the LPPI. Happy anniversary, LPPI." (Abdul Aziz, Chairman of Indonesian Banking Development Foundation (YPPI))

Lenong Betawi Show on LPPI 54th Anniversary

"I am very happy. If there is no LPPI, it is impossible for me to be here. I brought my whole group here, to be introduced to LPPI persons. I hope, we will meet again in the coming years. My message, the LPPI would be able to continue its progress, hoping that its employees are persistently prosperous, healthy, and no trouble at all. Happy anniversary, LPPI." (Mpok Nori, Betawi traditional art activator/preserver, comedian, senior actress)

Workshop on Global Retail Banking and Cards & Payment

“I was in the LPPI in December of last year to prepare the agreement of cooperation. LPPI’s location is unique, greener than other campuses. Many rooms may be used; so do its facilities. Regarding the present workshop, the participants looked enthusiastic on my presentation. This might be seen from many questions raised by the participants of banks attending the workshop. I hope, the participants would be able to acquire the subject matters and understand what we presented, in addition to the description on the program to be held in the coming April 2012, and be able to participate then.” (Evelyn Hunter-Jordan, General Manager of the Lafferty Group and Executive Director of the Lafferty Banking Academy, England) 

Workshop on International Challenges and Opportunity in Indonesian Banking in 2012

“Although located on the center of the city, LPPI campus’ condition is comfortable and calm. The meeting rooms are representative, very appropriate for trainings. By chance, today we are discussing sustainability in banks, very proper for LPPI’s concept to bring the nature into campus and workplace. I think, the LPPI may be a model for other companies or workplaces. To bring the nature into workplaces may make people feel happy, comfortable, and productive.


The ongoing workshop highly meets my expectation because the workshop’s objective is to discuss aspects of application of sustainability principle. All banks are interested in implementing and wishing for the sustainability standard due to its impacts on living, cultural, and social environment of the projects they finance.


We hope that there will be a very good and firm cooperation between the LPPI and the NIBESVV because the NIBESVV constitutes the Netherland’s LPPI through trainings and training matters to be offered to the banking sector in Indonesia. Moreover, we hope that there will also be cooperation in certification in order that the certificates received by the training participants are recognized in other countries. (Elmar Bouma, Director of Indonesia Netherland Association – INA, Indonesia) 

Course on Islamic Banking and Finance for AMED Member Countries

"I took the course because my institute wanted me to understand the way and workings of Islamic Banking and Finance.  Introduction to the Sharia Board was the most interesting to me, because the structure and operation of the Sharia Board is not well known to foreign people, especially for non-Muslim people. 

LPPI Campus is comfortable and beautiful.  LPPI Lodging was comfortable and convenient to stay in, and meals were well served. The sevice of staff was nice and enjoyable." (Daechang Kang, Republic of Korea)

Course on Financing Scheme in Islamic Banking and Finance for AMED member countries

"ICDIF-LPPI Urban Forest Campus and surroundings were so beautiful. The ICDIF-LPPI Lodging (accomodations) and meals served were good and the lodging / catering staff service during my stay was very good and hospitable.

I was introduced to Islamic Banking and Finance and participated in communication and discussion with other Islamic countries.  The most interesting modules/sessions were SUKUK because we want to issue SUKUK in future. " (Sohrab Mahmoudirad, IRAN)

Course on Financing Scheme in Islamic Banking and Finance for AMED member countries

"ICDIF is undeniably an ideal setting as a place of knowledge and training.

Personally I learned a lot from this session, and I believe that Indonesia, with 11 Islamic banks, teller of traditional banks providing Islamic products, a specific regulation on Islamic finance, a department of Islamic finance in Bank Indonesia and a National Sharia Board, builds an undeniable and interesting experience in this area, which is worth to be meditated and implemented by others." (SI-FODIL Hanafi, Algeria)

Course on Financing Scheme in Islamic Banking and Finance for AMED member countries

"LPPI is located close to the busy city of Jakarta, but environment around the campus is very silent and green, it is a one of your critical success factor with your organization. 

“The Sovereign Sharia Securities” was very important and very interesting.  It provided basic fundamental features of Sukuk bonds where our county is looking to issue such bonds to the market in the future.  Also, resource persons represented by the National Sharia Board gave us many chances to clarify any issue with regard to the Sharia principles." (D N S Mayadunne, Sri Lanka)

Course on Financing Scheme in Islamic Banking and Finance for AMED member countries

“What I liked strongly in the ICDIF-LPPI Urban Forest Campus are the fruit trees and the various kinds of birds.

I get benefit from the course materials, because they are all new topics and directly related to Islamic Banking.  In order to get knowledge of the Islamic banking and other things, Iraq must contribute in such courses to become one of the developed countries.  This session has allowed us the opportunity to recognize the work of banks and banking legislations.” (Linda Faiq Jumaa Al-Kuraishy, Central Bank of Iraq)

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