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Corporate Leadership Training (CLT) Basic Education Program Taspen Class XVI

Corporate Leadership Training (CLT) Basic Education Program Taspen Class XVI

The success of an organization is strongly influenced by the performance of Human Resources (HR). High HR performance can be realized through planning, utilization, improvement, and development of HR that is carried out properly, regularly and continuously and in accordance with the development of internal and external business environments. One way to get quality human resources is through education and training.

The need for human resources in facing the challenges of industry competition going forward in enhancing the competence of potential human resources to support the implementation of operational tasks becomes very important. The ability to be a manager as well as a leader is needed in supporting the task. In this regard, each organization must continue to develop human resources so that employees can gain greater knowledge and insight.

PT. Taspen (Persero) as one of the leading BUMN companies in Indonesia, has always recorded remarkable growth achievements in terms of assets. This extraordinary achievement is certainly an achievement of qualified human resources supported by a continuous HR development and education program. For this reason, as one of the strategic partners, the Indonesian Banking Development Institute (LPPI) offers a "Corporate Leadership Training for Basic" education and training program.