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Workshop The Future of Digital Financial Ecosystem

Workshop The Future of Digital Financial Ecosystem

technology not only accelerates the rate of transactions but is also efficient in reducing operational costs through automation. This has led to significant changes in the financial sector in general, changing the balance between old players and new players, as well as how people spend their money.

Various concepts arise and sink quickly, from revolution 3.0 to revolution 4.0; banking 3.0 to banking 4.0; Blockchain; Cryptocurrency; Digital Banking; Open Banking; and various other platforms that will appear soon. Whatever it is - consumers/customers still want the transaction process safely; privacy protection; flexible; and varied.

Answering this challenge, at the end of 2019 the LPPI held a workshop program "The Future of Digital Financial Ecosystem". This program aims to assist participants in developing business strategies that are appropriate to the rapid environmental changes in the field of financial technology. The program is expected to also be able to assist participants in identifying factors of environmental change; develop business strategies; building ethics; and prepare the competencies needed. the event is divided into 4 sessions:

Session 1 - Regulatory Framework of Digital Financial Ecosystem by Mr. Maskum, OJK (Financial Services Authority) Digital Financial Innovation Advisor.

Session 2 Implementation of Digital Finance (Open Banking Practices) at the Bank. In this session, the LPPI invited Mr. Kaspar Situmorang, Bank BRI digital financial enabler. 

Session 3 - Leadership 4.0 (Leadership in the Digital Age). This session was filled by Mr. Suryantoro Waluyo, Head of HR of Standard Chartered Bank.

Then the 4th (final) session - Managing the Financial Business Strategy. In this last session was filled by Mr. Mahelan Prabantarikso, Ex. Strategic, Compliance & Risk Director of Bank BTN