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Jamkrindo Syariah Corporate Credit Analysis Education Program

Jamkrindo Syariah Corporate Credit Analysis Education Program

As a non-bank financial service institution that provides various policies or insurance agreements to protect service users or their customers from a variety of risks of uncertain losses, Jamkrindo Syariah needs to know the ins and outs of protected customers.

In the financial sector, Jamkrindo Syariah also acts as a Collateral Substitution Institution, a guarantor institution that helps the principal (project implementer) to declare his ability to carry out work in accordance with the contract/agreement stipulated by the obligee (project owner) in the form of bid guarantees, implementation guarantees, guarantees down payment, maintenance guarantees, custom bonds, and bank counter guarantees.

Therefore, Jamkrindo Syariah needs to make decisions that require information support and measurable analysis of business activities carried out by customers, the majority of which are corporate customers. The existence of this corporate credit analyst training is expected to be able to be the basis for conducting a feasibility analysis.