Our Culture


[K] Kompetensi (Competence)

Knowledge, skills and abilities needed to complete a job in accordance with the assigned task area and up to quality standards.


[I] Integritas (Integrity) 

Compliant and consistent with organizational regulations, upholds the values ​​of honesty and morals and prioritizes the interests of the organization. 

[P] Pelayanan (Service)

Every activities that are in service of the needs and satisfaction of our guests. Service in this case includes attitudes and actions 

that always foster good relations with guests, understand the needs and try to exceed out guests expectations sincerely.


[R] Responsif (Responsive)

Responsive in meeting our guests needs, are proactive and consistently  provide solutions to the needs of our guests.


[A] Akuntabel (Accountable),

Responsible for all actions, words and all the consequences in the implementation of tasks and decision making.


[H] Harmonis (Harmony)

Always maintaining a sense of kinship, equality, cohesiveness, and harmony in the implementation of tasks. Respect differences of opinion

and respect shared decisions. Realizing that the role of each individual is important in achieving common goals.