Frequently Asked Questions

About LPPI 

1. What is LPPI ?                                           

Indonesian Banking Development Institute, whose vision is to become a trusted and leading banking development institution in the homeland and receive international recognition.

2. What does LPPI do?
The LPPI seeks to improve the quality of Banking Human Resources and public knowledge about banking through education products and services, training and banking development, in the form of educational programs, training programs, consulting and assessment services, research services, e-learning services, banking simulation services, services organizing workshops and seminars and campus facility services.


3. Where is LPPI located ?

LPPI is located at Jalan Kemang Raya No. 35 Kebayoran Baru, Jakarta 12730.

4. How do you get to LPPI ?
  •      >>  From Soekarno Hatta Airport

It is recommended to use Damri bus from the airport to Blok M. Arriving at Blok M then proceed to take the Trans Jakarta 6N bus heading to Ragunan - Blok M.                             

  •      >>  From Gambir Train Station
    •             It is recommended to use public transportation to Blok M. Arriving at Blok M, then proceed to take the 
                  Trans Jakarta 6N bus heading to Ragunan - Blok M.
  •       >> From Kampung Rambutan Bus Station
            It is recommended to take the Trans Jakarta 7A bus heading to Kp. Rambutan - Lebak Bulus
           and stopping at  Pasar Minggu Hospital, then continue with Trans Jakarta 6N bus heading to Ragunan - Blok M.


5.  What public transportation pass through in front of LPPI ?

From the front of the LPPI there is the Trans Jakarta 6N bus heading from Ragunan – Blok M. Besides the bus, you could take taxi or Go-Jek or Grab to reach LPPI.

LPPI Programs

6.  What Programs does the LPPI provide ?
The LPPI has an education and training program consisting of regular education and training programs,  in house training with tailor-made curriculum, e-learning, 
 sharia banking academy, micro banking academy, workshops, seminars, consulting services, assessment centers and research.


7.  Are the training programs open to individuals (without going through the bank's HR) 

Yes. LPPI training is open and can be followed by anyone to improve their personal quality.

8.  Can the training programs at LPPI be attented by institutions outside of banking? 

Yes. The LPPI welcomes the opportunity for non-bank institutions to participate in all programs offered by the LPPI.
As long as the participants follows the terms and conditions.


9.  What are the terms and conditions ?

Fill in the registration form and fulfill the administrative obligations.

10.  Why are the training costs at LPPI more expensive than other providers ?

The LPPI is an institution that has more than 50 years of experience in the National Banking Industry, where LPPI quality is always
monitored by Bank Indonesia. In addition, the quality of LPPI training is supported by adequate facilities and infrastructure
on the LPPI Campus, as well as the latest information technology support.

11.  What is the minimum number of participants needed to run a regular training course ? 
Generally, a regular training course can run with a minimum of 10 participants.


12.  What facilities does participants get when enrolling in LPPI ?

The facilities for participants are: 

a.    Training kit (Backpack, Notebook & stationary)
b.    Training Materials
c.    Training Certificate
d.    Lunch dan 2x Coffee Break
e.    Free Wif-fi

If the participants stay at LPPI's dormitories they will get additional facilities including : 

a.    Room equivalent to 3 star hotel.
b.    Laundry
c.    Breakfast & Dinner
d.    Fitness Center & Sauna

13.  What benefits do you gain when enrolling at LPPI ?

- The latest knowledge about the world of banking                                                                                                           

-  Integrated accommodation facilities in the LPPI campus                                                                   

-  Become a member of the LPPI alumni community of learning participants.

LPPI Facilities

14.  What facilities does LPPI have ?

-     Educational facilities
-     Dormitory
-     Fitness Center and Sauna
-     Cafetaria and Cafe
-     Other supporting facilities

15.  What benefits do you get from using LPPI's facilities ?

The advantages of using LPPI's facilities are affordable prices, a comfortable and beautiful campus, a large parking area as well as security and cleanliness.


16. What are the benefits for participants who stay at LPPI's dormitory ?     

Participants can use all facilities owned by the LPPI. In addition, participants can save time to reach their respective classrooms.

17. Does the LPPI provide a place to eat for participants ?   

Yes. At the LPPI there is a cafeteria consisting of three rooms : executive lounges, indoor and outdoor. This cafeteria can accommodate 300-400 people. In addition, there are mini markets and canteens in the LPPI Campus environment to support the culinary needs of the learning participants.

18.  Are the food that is being served at LPPI up to food and health standards? 

The LPPI Cafeteria has received a Certificate of Food Safety Restructuring Permit issued by the South Jakarta City Government Health Office on the 4th August 2010.


19.  How is the security at LPPI ?     

The LPPI security consists of professional security personnel. LPPI is always guarded by security 24 hours a day.

20.  Can LPPI facilities be used by the general public ?

Yes. The general public can use the facilities at  LPPI after fulfilling the administrative requirements and conditions first.